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I'm Gautam and I'm a

I am a Passionate Fullstack developer from Punjab, India. I have interests in Space, Physics and Mathematics. I am currently Working on React, Python.
I am currently a student at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana pursuing B-Tech in Computer Science.
I am aiming to become a Full-stack Web and Python Developer. I am currently working to enhance my skills as a Full-stack Developer and plan to do Freelancing in Future. I am also working on my Competitive Skills and Research Hobby.
I try to make my Projects Easy to use and Highly Customizable to be able to be used by everyone.

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Web Dev

JavaScript, React, Express and npm.

Python Dev

Flask, tkintor and sqlite3 etc.


OOPS and CP.

My skills

My creative skills & experiences.

Currently working on Python Development, React and Competitive Programming.
I plan to work on React Native, Flutter and Python Frameworks in Future.
I have accumulated Decent skills in Front and Back End Development in Past Year.
All my Projects are available on my Github Repository.

CPP 70%
CSS 80%
JavaScript 70%
Python 30%
java 40%
Backend 70%

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